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Growing up on the beaches of Western Australia instilled Kristy's early appreciation for simple luxury, comfort and natural beauty which is reflected in her choice of refined colours, fabrics and silhouettes. Such an affinity for effortless elegance and exquisite finishes remains the foundation of Kristy's collections.

Kristy is happiest exploring the world with her family. From this notion, the idea of the FLANNEL Girl was born; a carefree, luxe traveller who reaches for a curated mix of loose-fitting silhouettes, artisanal prints, gauzy knits, romantic silks and lush cashmere. It is these

At FLANNEL, we don't chase trends or fast fashion; we seek to create timeless pieces that redefine the meaning of effortless style and remain in fashion for years to come. We love that our customers collect and treasure our pieces, often wearing old FLANNEL with new.

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