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Our FLANNEL dresses are designed for the woman who seeks high-end, luxury garments that exude comfort, style, and confidence. The elevated designs and signature detailing of our women’s dresses complete any wardrobe and lift everyday ensembles.

At FLANNEL, our dresses incorporate intricate details into every piece. Cotton and silk dresses are perfect when worn at a beach vacation, or dressed up with a leather jacket for an effortlessly cool evening outfit.

Designed to be worn all year-round, our everyday dresses are available in a variety of neutral colours and tones, including white, blush, and black, as well as pops of colour, perfect for each season. The collection of women’s dresses is available in multiple lengths, pick and choose between a classic long, flirty mid-length, or cheeky short hemlines to suit your every occasion.

Our patterned dresses make it easy to be noticed with your fashion choices. Exclusive prints paired back with neutral colours make for a subtle, wearable, and utterly memorable look, while the use of colours allows you to stand out from the crowd. Our minimalist approach to patterns and prints makes our designs wearable for years to come.

Only ever using high-quality fabrics, there will always be dresses that are light and breathable to be worn throughout the summer and spring, and warm enough to be layered for winter and fall. Embellished designs are essential for an extravagant night out, whether it be through sequins, leather, or lace.

Let our dresses be the defining statements of your wardrobe or the essential pieces you wear for every possible occasion. FLANNEL’s dresses turn any occasion into an opportunity to celebrate luxurious fabrics and memorable designs. Discover women’s dresses online to uplift your wardrobe today.