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FLANNEL’s women’s clothing is designed with Parisian chic in mind, using classic silhouettes that embrace the feminine shape combined with fabrics that allow for all-day wear. Our use of neutral tones with occasional pops of colour allow for our pieces to be mixed and matched in flattering ensembles..

A refreshingly new take on beautiful clothing, FLANNEL prioritises comfort with the use of luxurious fabrics and style that can be seen in our collections, which feature clothing for all four seasons. Build your wardrobe with fashion staples that can be worn on their own and layered for a more sophisticated look. FLANNEL’s clothing is for all women with a variety of fashion styles, with sophistication, comfort, and femininity at the forefront.

Beautiful clothing requires the utmost quality, and FLANNEL is no different. Our use of pure silk in our basics allows for comfort against the skin and breathability during summer. Alpaca wool is fine, lightweight, and silky, making our knitwear even more luxurious, keeping you warm in the winter and being breathable enough to keep you cool in summer.

Shop FLANNEL for all your looks with versatile, classic pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Mix our sequinned pieces with cool neutral tones and a classic white sneaker for an elevated daytime look, or pair with heels for a luxurious evening outfit.

FLANNEL’s clothing is designed for the sophisticated, stylish, and confident woman. Discover our beautiful garments, made with high-quality fabrics that showcase elegance infused with modernity and promote a subtle luxury that can be felt by the women who wear them.