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Winter is all about the thick, luxurious coats, whilst spring and autumn demand lightweight jackets as a staple. FLANNEL’s unparalleled commitment to providing unique designs and exceptional quality ensures our jackets will stand the test of time..

In cool weather, FLANNEL’s jackets expertly combine warmth with style. Our women’s jackets come in a range of feminine shades with clever design details, creating smart and sophisticated looks. These jackets bring Palm Springs weather into metropolitan settings, with colours pulled from desert sunrises.

Our crepe de chine silk jackets are the perfect autumnal jackets due to their breathability and softness. Wear our jackets when the weather gets warmer for a light outer garment, or during winter layered under thicker coats. Wool blend jackets are a great alternative to traditional winter coats as the fabric will keep you nice and warm without the added bulkiness.

All of our jackets feature intricate design details that transform our classic shapes into unique, one-of-a-kind outerwear. Whether it is an added tassel instead of a traditional zipper or beautiful embroidery, FLANNEL ensures that every piece, no matter how simple, is immediately elevated into luxury with these design details.

When paired with basics, our jackets become the focal point of your outfit. We want the women who wear our jackets to feel the high-quality fabrics that are underpinning each outer garment with a subtle luxury.

FLANNEL’s women’s jackets seamlessly blend high-end fabrics, smart and memorable design, and global influences together for pieces that can be the star in any ensemble.

Discover the selection of women’s jackets online to uplift your outerwear season after season.