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FLANNEL has consciously chosen to work with boutique production houses in Italy, China, India and Indonesia since we first opened our doors in 2007. These niche houses share the same morals and values as our FLANNEL family; mindfulness, quality, innovation, and a sense of community.

Our pieces are created by artisans, the very best in their field, who look to uphold the textile traditions of generations. Our aim is to keep these artisanal families and communities flourishing, along with the generations of knowledge they hold and cherish.

We work with different production houses who specialise in the garments we are constructing. These are divided into silks, knitwear, cashmere, embroidery and more. Together, we employ adults who are paid a living wage at or above the award wage in their country. They work in bright, clean, spacious environments, and choose to come to work. We are eternally grateful for the amazing team of artisans we have built over our years of operation.

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