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FLANNEL does not just apply to clothing. It is a way of life that can be easily achieved with FLANNEL’s range of homewares. Our range of luxurious silk pillowcases ensures that your hair and skin will receive the utmost beauty rest. Breathable and natural, hair glides across the material while you're sleeping and leaves your hair smoother than ever. The smooth material allows skin to slip across the pillow with less tugging, preventing creases and wrinkles..

The luxuriousness of our pillowcases shouldn’t just be seen in the bedroom. Use them in the lounge room or on any seating area to bring out a level of sophisticated elegance within any space. For the ultimate interior complement to our range of homewares, use cool neutral colours to play off the natural tones of our products. Complement the gloss of our natural silk pillowcases with bed covers in cool, silky colours to create a uniform look, or mix in natural cotton bed sheets with our matte neutral pillowcases for a rustic Parisian vibe.